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The B.U.M. Mindfulness Journal "Alpha Male Collection"

The B.U.M. Mindfulness Journal "Alpha Male Collection"

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This journal will you help you practice learning to love the life you have today. This is a mindfulness journal designed if used consistently will launch you into being the best version of yourself no matter where you are in your life’s journey.
The daily questions are there to trigger your brain in the mornings and to reassure you at the end of your day.

“My day is already so busy, why should I use a Mindfulness Journal?”

• You make time for you to confirm that you are just where you need to be.
• It gives you time to engage with all your embodied senses.
• It allows for time to feel grateful
• It will pinpoint where your energy flows and what robs you of it.
• Reduce daily overwhelm
• The journal allows daily reflection
• It keeps your focus on the NOW

“How do I use this Mindfulness Journal?”

The journal prompts you to answer questions for 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes every night. These questions trigger the way you see the world through a more deliberate eye. At the end of the month, take inventory of your thought process, and see if you have emotionally grown. You may find that you can forgive more easily or the things that would trigger a knee-jerk response are no longer worthy of your attention. If you found that your thought process still needs some work? Do not be too hard on yourself, just remember this journey you are on take the race with the mindset of running a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself.  On the front of each journal has the name of the persona and on the rear, you are given the meaning of that name.  There's bound to be a persona you can identify with. Make sure to pick up your journal to begin your journey today!


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